What is the difference between vintage and retro?

Diferencia vintage y retro

One of the questions that we most commonly answer, either through any of the contact channels that we have as personally in our physical store is: How is the concept of vintage retro concept?. Today we will take advantage of this entry in our blog to answer it.

Vintage is considered everything that is more than 25 years old. In our case, we refer to all kinds of old garments that have that special and unique touch, which sets you apart from others. It is very common to confuse the term vintage with “second hand” and we must clarify that are terms that, although sometimes coincide, does not have to be this way. The example you can find in our products, some labeled as Vintage with labels, and describes those clothes that, having the antiquity that we said before, have no prior use, and even in a great majority of cases, retain the original labels. This corresponds to stock recovered from old warehouses, clothing factories or other shops. To differentiate it, what we label as vintage does have previous use, although it should be made clear that this does not mean that the clothing is in poor condition or worn. We assure that all our articles are in perfect state of conservation (unless otherwise indicated in their description) and, in any case, always ironed and sanitized.

Vintage with labels

Example of vintage garment that keeps labels

The retro concept is attributed to those things that, being manufactured today, do it following styles of decades past. Sixties style clothing, mod, rockabilly, swing … that evoke times past. For sample, you can see these dresses of the brand Collectiff that we have for sale in our store and, in this case, reminiscent of the style of the 50’s:

Collectif Dresses

Example of retro dresses

We hope to have made clear in this post this dilemma that so many doubts generates people who are approaching this style for the first time. If not, do not worry, we will continue to respond delighted to this or any other doubt in any of the means of contact that we have. 😉